"It's more than a walk, it's an adventure."

From beach days to hiking, everyday is a new workout.



Jason fielders

I developed my love for animals, growing up on a small farm in Vermont, Surfing and the weather brought me out to Los Angeles nearly ten years ago. However, like most people I worked a nine to five job to support myself, and that left me with little time to do what I loved.  

It wasn't until I changed careers and had more free time that I came up with the idea for Dogfitt.  

I  would take friends dogs to the park for trail runs and sometimes to the dog beach to surf. Then neighbors started asking me to do it and I enjoyed it.  The dogs were so happy they would just be waiting by door for me,

That being said, Dogfitt is not just a dog walking service or sitting service. It's not just a walk, it's an adventure. By that I mean the pups are outdoors doing something different every day. From hiking to surfing, every day is a new workout. 

I offer a free first session, so I get to know the pup and so that the owner can see the difference in their pets behavior. I also post videos and pictures to social media, as well as send them to the owner so you can see how their day is going.

Jason Fielders


5710 w. centinela ave

Los Angeles, CA 90045

cell 310.484.3205


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So there are a variety of packages, but they are guidelines to give an idea of how I run the program. So beginner for instance can be an older dog or smaller dog that does'nt want an intense workout. Adavanced can be a younger dog or larger dog that requires a lot of excercise. So depending on the size of the dog and need for excercise, I can place them in the proper workout group. My first priority is safety for every dog, so just like a fitness trainer I need to give them an evaluation, which is free.


"Buddy could hear Jason coming down the hallway and couldn't wait for his daily workout."


January 10, 2015

"Annie can't wait to go out with the other dogs, she defintely gets a lot of excercise because she knocks out when she gets home."


July 28, 2016

"I've been using Jason's services for over a year and Bella adores him. She's not afraid to get into the water and as a matter of fact was one of his first dogs to surf. Recommend him highly."


September 8, 2015


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